Friday, November 19, 2010

Thoughts on the movie

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 is by far the best Harry Potter movies. At least for me. From what point? The 1st one would be the characters. New characters. Scabior is awesome. His character was so cool that even Greyback was being left out. Though I am actually hoping to see the werewolf portrayed in the book. The next one is Bill. OMG HE’S SO HANDSOME! (in my eyes). I don’t really care about the small number of scene he’s in. I’m just glad to finally see him! Xenophillius was just weird. Just like in the book. And that was a compliment! Then we have Harry-Runcorn at the ministry. I like the way he act as Harry in disguise. So funny! And finally Gellert Grindelwald. That guy totally took my breath away. No wonder Dumbledore turns gay! Oh yeah...there’s one thing that have been bugging me about the Death from Beedle The Bard. I think that the animation of the Death looks familiar. And someone commented on MuggleNet that Death looks like General Grivieous! (ok I can’t remember how his name was spelled). TOTALLY AGREE!
As for old characters, my fav would be Ron. Because he was so convincing! Good work Rupert! Oh no I can’t believe that I like Ron more than Harry in this movie! And then there’s Lucius Malfy. Damn I think he’s getting hotter in this film! Before, I really hate him. It’s better for me not to hate people anymore if I will only end up liking them. Same goes to Kreacher. Haha!! I think everyone’s the same if they have read the book. And Dobby has shoes! DAMN THE GIRL WHO SIT ON MY LEFT! I was nearly in tears at the scene of Dobby’s death when suddenly she broke into a laughter at the sight of Luna closing Dobby’s eyes. I mean, what’s so funny about that? Eventhough Luna was weird and I actually had a few laugh at her character in the previous movies, but in the scene of Dobby’s death, I think it’s not appropriate for people to laugh because of Luna. Oh don’t mind me. Just wanted to show my distaste towards the girl though she will never know. Stop there.
Ah! Another thing that is worth the compliment is Bathilda Bagshot and Godric’s Hollow scene! Too creepy and old Bathilda make it worst by suddenly appear in front of Harry and Hermione! Everyone was so shocked! And the scene is probably the best in the movie.

Harry and Hermione in front of the James and Lily Potter's grave in Godric's Hollow

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